Kumasi Supermarket, Inc.

About Us

Kumasi Supermarket has been serving the delicacies of West Africa, Caribbean,
Latino, Middle Eastern, and Asia since 2007 in Woodbridge, Virginia, USA.

Fast Customer Service

Looking for that long-lost spice? We’ll get back to you in record time to confirm its availability.
Never a hassle with Kumasi Supermarket.

Affordably Priced

Try cuisines from around the world without having to spend a fortune! All you need is at Kumasi Supermarket.

Available On-Demand

Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. Serving you high-quality products whenever you need them, wherever you need them from Kumasi Supermarket.


There’s meat, dairy, fresh produce, canned and packaged goods, as well as baked goods aisle at Kumasi Supermarket to store all yummies from West Africa, Caribbean, Latino, Middle Eastern, and Asia.


The richest fabrics from around the world have been stacked at the Kumasi Supermarket!

Bill Payment & Transfer

Pay for your utility bills on the go at Kumasi Supermarket in Virginia. We also offer exclusive money transferring services to your loved ones outside Woodbridge via Western Union and RIGO.

The Dream Team at Kumasi Supermarket

Kumasi Supermarket may have been established in Woodbridge, Virginia, in 2007, but our roots were sowed in a small family-owned grocery store. We bring to you all the goodness of West Africa, Caribbean, Latino, Middle Eastern, and Asia to make the Kumasi Supermarket your home away from home. Meet our owners: